Friday, 23 August 2013

How To Solve Marital Conflicts(1)

  1. Approach your spouse politely and attack the problem with the sole aim of securing a permanent solution.
  2. Blame not your partner, if you do, you will be forcing him of her into a defensive position and the conflict remains.
  3. Create a conducive atmosphere for the ultimate resolution of the conflict. You’ll do this by shunning fury and bitterness.
  4. Deal with the present. Don’t refer continuously to the past, conflict can never end when you always speak about the past misdeed and mistake.
  5. Educate yourself on issues of marriage constantly. If you are not well tutored what should never trouble your home will be a source of conflict always! Try and learn how to relate with in laws and how to renew your honey moon experience every year.
  6. Forgive and forget offenses. William ward said “forgiveness is a power that breaks the chains of selfishness”It is easy to communicate freely with your spouse after you have forgiven him/her
  7. Give no room for ‘third party interference”. Examine yourself very deeply; are you not over reacting because of what you heard from someone else?
  8. Habitual nagging is a sure and deadly poison. Don’t expand that wound with unnecessary tongue dashing, it will ruin the emotional stability of your wife and drive your husband out of the house.
  9. Insist on peace at all cost. This will generate strong determination and pare way for stronger unity.savemymarage
  10. Jealousy must not be harbored. It is a killer! It will breed conflict upon conflict, precipitate anger, and open the door for bitterness. If your wife is enjoying public applause and fame, don’t reduce her consciously in the home out of sheer jealousy.
  11. Know each other. You must take time to study each other and identify your partners’ likes and dislikes. This will go a long way in avoiding conflicts.
  12. Love covers multitude of sins. There will be offenses; you will step on each others’ toes once a while! All the same, let love prevail. When the wine of love is drying, endeavor to renew it. Go back to your first love and remember that marriage will crash without practical love.
  13. Magnify not the conflict beyond measure. If you "commonize" the issue, you will soon forget it but if you meditate on it continuously and magnify it unnecessarily, you are in for a big trouble (VISIT:  for more articles like this)

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